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Age is just but a number…

Age is ,just but a number…

Learnmore Gavhere is a tall, charismatic and intelligent 17 year old boy doing level 3 at Achris Primary school. A journey into the life of this teenager will leave some of us in awe because he has been through a lot just to be were he is today considering his age. Life have never been easy for this young soul. His parents are farm workers and the little allowance they get is groceries. He went to school up to grade 5 and dropped out because his parents could not afford the school fees anymore and they also wanted his siblings to have an opportunity to step a foot in school too. So Learnmore just had to drop out and start doing part time jobs in the farm where he and his family stayed.

From the age of 8 to 15 years the only thing he knew about was farming, cattle and goat herding. He had really wanted to go back to school but he knew these were just dreams that would never come to pass since his parents had made it clear that there was not enough money to take him back to school. At least his siblings felt how it was also like to be once in school and drop out because of financial constraints. Not one of them proceeded to grade 5; they just had to give the little ones a chance to go to school also.

“My father wanted me learn how to read, write and count ,” said the enthusiastic Learnmore.



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