31 Jan
  • By Simbarashe Chidewu
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Chiedza Giving girls free sanitary pads.

Free Sanitary pads for all girls.

Chiedza Child Care Centre proudly supports girls with free sanitary pads to make sure they don’t miss school for any reason. In the photo is Tanyaradzwa one of Chiedza’s beneficiaries she has been benefiting from this initiative since last year…#happyflow#letskeepgirlsinschool #empowergiwer¬†. In Africa many girls end up risking their lives and health status in a bid to secure sanitary pads. Chiedza realized the need to cover this gap and since then have been actively involved in assisting girls. Many girls in remote areas skip school for days during their menstruation periods and this have created a lot of challenges as some usually lag behind with their lessons.

Chiedza will never grow tireless in empowering these marginalized sex at it bears the most concrete responsibility for the future. Many drop outs are girls because many people believe they are not supposed to be emancipated but at Chiedza girls are treated equally with their counterparts.

Simbarashe Chidewu

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