04 Nov
  • By Simbarashe Chidewu
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Chiedza Paediatric Activity in Waterfalls.

Chiedza Child Care Centre is working in partnership with ( PATA) Paediatric AIDS Treatment For Africa. Their goal is to support community clinics by providing paediatric HIV treatment support and services (Antiretroviral medicines and counseling to patients living with HIV and AIDS).With this program Chiedza is impacting many lives positively by encouraging people to take control of their lives and not dismay…many people had defaulted but because of this program Chiedza has managed to had its beneficiaries back on treatment. This activity has encouraged many people not to default from taking their treatment. Many people have welcomed it overwhelmingly. The Harare South community is appreciating the initiative being rendered by Chiedza,.

Simbarashe Chidewu

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