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08 Jan
  • By Simbarashe Chidewu
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Compliments of the new year with a “thank you” note from the Board chair….

An update from 2017 #TeamChiedza

On the education front we are proud that we have 29 children who graduated from our preschool and are ready for grade 1 in January 2018, 150 children were retained in our out of school program at the Centre, and 781 learners were retained in school through direct school fees payment. Notably 4 of the learners who were integrated into formal school in January 2017 sat for their Grade 7 exams and all of them passed and are proceeding to form 1 in January 2018. In addition, 26 learners in the secondary level out of school programs sat for their O’ level exams and we are praying that they make it. In the child protection department, 625 HIV positive children accessed medication and nutrition. Interestingly, despite the challenges of funding, I want to comment you for consistently feeding on average 250 children daily for 6 days a week .

I also want to note your efforts to ensure that households are better equipped to care for their families despite the current economic hardships. More than 1800 households were reached through the internal , lending and savings scheme methodology. I am really humbled to know you have reached 19000 children in both Harare and Zvimba with at least 2 services such as education and school health assessments. I must commend you for the hard work, as it was difficult to balance your work schedule due to the need to close out the USAID funded project which was coming to an end in September 2017. The project was highly demanding, which demanded working very long hours, all the same the project was successfully closed.



Simbarashe Chidewu