05 May
  • By Simbarashe Chidewu
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Economic Strenghtening

Poultry Training.

Chiedza have been engaging many caregivers in Income Saving and Lending Schemes as a means of assisting them to secure a concrete financial base. Chiedza always train caregivers to be independent not dependent from handouts after a certain period. Sustainability is our main goal in any project we venture into and we believe the same with our caregivers .

Many of the OVCs at the centre come from very poor families that are struggling to make ends meet and Chiedza is their only source of relief. In a bid to assist the caregivers, Chiedza have helped them identify a paying IGA project which is poultry rearing . Poultry rearing is one of the most thriving business in Zimbabwe currently and Chiedza with its market linkages skills , is committed to assist caregivers who shall complete this task with markets for their produce. Chiedza have recorded positive stories/testimonial from other beneficiaries who underwent the same training for different projects as they are no longer dependent and now afford to fend for their own families.

“With hard work it is achievable”Spiwe Chakawa

Simbarashe Chidewu