16 Aug
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Family Matters Program m

Chiedza breaking communication barriers between families (Family Matters Program)

Chiedza have been training caregivers in Zvimba district in Family Matters Program. This program had caregivers gain insight on the importance of Sexual Reproductive Health issue and the need for them to educate their children especially adolescents. Caregivers underwent a training that had 18 sessions and those who attended all session graduated and received certificates of completion. The caregivers were delighted with the way the lessons were delivered and the information conveyed.

In rural areas , issues to do with sexuality are considered delicate and not to be discussed between a parent and a child and this barrier Family Matters Program is believed to have broke. This norm has been discovered to be one of the reason why many adolescents are putting their lives at risk as they are venturing into issues to do with sexuality during their adolescent period without adequate information. Many adolescent do not even know their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and this make them vulnerable and prone to abuse. Teenage pregnancies have been reported every quarter of the year in rural areas leading to school dropouts , this have affected girls literacy rates and Chiedza is fighting to curb that.

Many caregivers really appreciated what Chiedza have done for them by introducing Family Matters Program in Zvimba. Most of them have actually realized that they have been neglecting their duties as parents in grooming their children during the time they start experiencing puberty. Some parents admitted they never taught their children on how to use sanitary pads and their importance.

“Family matters yandibatsira kutaura nyaya dzandainyara kukurura ne mwana wangu” anonymous

Simbarashe Chidewu