ISAL-IGA training at the centre.
January 31, 2017 Simbarashe Chidewu

Soap making training.

Economic Strengthening and Livelihoods support team at Chiedza supporting caregivers in Income Saving and Lending Schemes whole heartedly assisting caregivers with Income Generating Activities that will emancipate them and liberate them financially#ISALs #MUKANDO #ES. Most all the caregivers under going these training’s are single parents and are unemployed . The state of their lives need to be rectified and Chiedza is intervening by ISALs which are a strategy to help them become financially independent and self reliant instead of surviving on handouts. Chiedza encourage caregivers to have an entrepreneurial spirit which is a pre-requisite for survival during economic hardship times.

From the caregivers testimonials , their lives have been impacted positively and some have become inspirational figures in their communities and are now imparting knowledge to their colleagues who were not financially independent. Children who were not in schools are now attending school, household goods have been acquired. From field visit conducted by Chiedza some of the ISALs participants have managed to built houses and tuckshops from the proceed their are getting from their projects.

Simbarashe Chidewu

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