25 Nov
  • By Simbarashe Chidewu
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Lets send our students back to school.


Rod is in Australia and is passionate about helping the orphans and vulnerable children. Chiedza Child Care Centre is one of the organizations in Africa that always express its profound gratitude towards Rod’s effort and loving kindness towards Chiedza’s children. Rod is embarking on a 500km trek as a campaign to raise funds for Chiedza Out Of School Study Group (OSSG) . This trek is being done for a major cause as these students do need these funds in order for them to continue with their education without any difficulties. As Chiedza we feel that we should support Rod all the way , family and friends lets do this together. If there any partners interested in supporting this act please kindly visit the website on the flyer for more information and how you can be part of this worthy cause…#GoRod

Simbarashe Chidewu

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