11 Apr
  • By Simbarashe Chidewu
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It’s your right to have a birth certificate.

Give me my identity.

Chiedza through its case management promotes the right to identity for all its beneficiaries. In Zvimba district this month of April alone, Chiedza supported and facilitated the beneficiaries who had lost hope with acquiring their birth certificates get them. Chiedza in partnership with the Zvimba Rural District Council working with the registrar played a major role. More than 25 beneficiaries of different age groups seeked assistance from Chiedza as they were facing a lot of challenges in attaining jobs, school places, joining other government programs, securing loans as they do not have any form of identification.

Its a tough world especially in Zimbabwe for one to be independent ¬†without a form of identification which is a form of security. For instance any form of employment whether formal or non-formal is difficult to secure without any form ¬†of identification for security reasons. Many employees deny those without identification documents employment as they always mention issues to do with security in case a theft or accident happens. In schools children without birth certificates are hardly allowed to sit for public examinations which require them to register first…

Thank you Chiedza for this ground breaking thing you have done for our friends.

Simbarashe Chidewu