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To Volunteer, you can contact us or pay us a visit to find out more.

Chiedza works with volunteers of different backgrounds. These includes teachers, University students, social scientists,etc. Both local/community and international volunteers are welcomed.

 They are critical in the programmes in that they bring in a variety of skills and knowledge which strengthen our programme. Most of the volunteers are involved in fundraising activities and pyschosocial support activities mainly individual and group counselling, medical health screening, youth trainings in leadership, theatre, arts and dance as well as livelihoods enhancement activities for the children.

 Both skilled and inexperienced volunteers are mobilised to assist the children in many ways including counseling and reading. Accomodation facilities are provided to international volunteers. A volunteer is allocated a single room with bedding but they are also encouraged to bring theirs. Cookery and refrigeration facilities are also provided to international volunteers. However, we do not provide travel allowances, living and medical allowances to volunteers.


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